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What is a Bail Bond

A bail bond is a contract between a person accused of a crime and a businessman called a bail bondsman.  Your Bondsman CALL 406-721-0199

When a person is arrested and taken to jail there are several important things the defendant and the person who is cosigning on their bail bonds contract will want to keep in mind.

When the defendant is released from jail this is not to say their legal problems are over. They will still need to return to Court on set dates and time in order to resolve their case. If they are facing very serious charges they may need to appear for multiple hearings.

The person who cosigns the bail bonds contract is taking responsibility for two things. The first is that the defendant will go to ALL Court Dates. The second is for payment of the bond. The bondsman’s fee is non-refundable and it is considered to be earned in full at the time the defendant is released from jail.

Bail bonds are generally issued by private bail bonding agencies and their fees are  non-refundable. Most bonding agencies also require collateral to secure the bail for the accused, the agency is taking the risk that he or she might not show up to court, forfeiting the bail. Collateral helps ensure that the bonding agency recovers its money. When the accused does appear in ALL Court Dates and the case is Done & Over, the agency returns the collateral, but keeps any fees.

Types of Bail Bonds
    Surety Bail Bonds, Privately licensed bail agents post bonds with the court, guaranteeing a defendant’s appearance. 

    Cash Bonds, The defendant, or someone on their behalf, must pay the Court the full amount of the bail, in CASH, in order to be released. This is a governmental system, AND THEY LIKE TO KEEP THE CASH FOR ANY FINES.
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